The Trust’s initial focus will be to secure the park and its heritage sites by way of the erection of a fence around its perimeter with access through defined gateways which will be closed at night. Once the park has been secured, the Trust will be in a position to coordinate and facilitate its longer-term goals towards the restoration and rehabilitation of the park, including: 

  • Maintaining the safety and security of the park, closing the park in the evenings and appointing security officers to patrol the park and its borders;
  • Rehabilitation of the natural environment and the commissioning of clean-up projects;
  • Securing the heritage sites contained within the park;
  • Developing educational initiatives for city schools, with a focus on environmental awareness and conservation;
  • Installing recreational areas, running and biking tracks, picnic spots, and other community-minded resources for the public to enjoy;
  • General maintenance of the Park, its environment, security, and facilities on a long term basis; and
  • Fundraising events.

Project Phases

The Trust envisages the project being phased as follows:

Phase 1 : R2,646,000

The first phase is to secure the park, inclusive of the access points along Bridle Road and Beulah Terrace, by way of a fence, gateways and a security presence.   Clearview/Betaview type fencing will be used and the defined gateways be based on the design drawings prepared by the architect (see illustrated layout and drawings).   The section below Homeleigh Avenue will be fenced as part of Phase 2.

Phase 2 : R853,125

The second phase of the project would be –

  • To complete the gatehouse, the landscaping furniture and artwork depicted on the drawings for Gateway 1, and to fence the perimeter of the area below Homeleigh Avenue – adjoining Highlands House and along Capel Road; and  
  • To restore the existing mountain bike course (see illustrated layout) and construct a new section to the mountain bike in order to ensure that the park is immediately activated.  

If sufficient funds are raised, phases 1 and phase 2 (or parts thereof) could take place simultaneously.

Phase 3 : R1,368,000 (provisional amount)

The construction of an amphitheatre, installation of lights, construction of a boardwalk along the stream, to link up to the boardwalks higher up, and establishment of a fynbos garden.

If sufficient funds are raised during the initial fund raising then such portions of phase 3 for which funds are available could be implemented simultaneously with phases 1 and 2.

Improvements by the City that have already been made include an outdoor gym and a children’s play area. The City is also planning the construction of a boule piste and the installation of lights in the park.

Improvements by the City which have already been made includes an outdoor gym, children’s play area, a walkway and lighting. The City is also planning the construction of a boule piste.