Platteklip Project Trust – Registration no IT 491/2019 (C) 

Public benefit organization – PBO NO 930066375

Tax exempt status – S18A approved


The Trustees

The Trustees are empowered by the trust deed to manage the affairs of the Trust so as to achieve the objectives of the Trust, namely the revitalisation and preservation of Van Riebeek Park and reclaiming it as a community resource for the public to protect and enjoy. The Trust currently has 6 trustees and will at all times have a minimum of 3 trustees. Trustees will at all times represent the community and various stakeholders. The Trustees have volunteered their time and energy and receive no remuneration for this trusteeship.  

Current Trustees:

-Themis Commercial Legal Advisors (Pty) Ltd, represented by Suma de Bruyn-Johannes Jurgen Rysburgen

-Terry Berkow

-Simone Esch

-Renzo Schincariol

-Gary Anstey

Copies of relevant documentation can be downloaded from the website.

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