St Cyprians and Herzlia have committed their regular involvement to help keep the Park clean, to assist with the re-establishment of the flora and fauna of Table Mountain and to assist with other sustainable development projects in the Park.

Herzlia has committed R200,000 towards fencing on the basis of their lease of the sports grounds from the City.  Herzlia has further committed to contribute in the following ways which will assist in making the project feasible –

  • The ablution facilities at the sports grounds will be available for use by the visitors to the Park, provided that they are kept clean by the groundsman appointed by the Trust;
  • The flatlet at the sports field may be used as the residence of the Peace Officer/Security Officer stationed at the Park. 
  • The sports grounds and parking area at the sports grounds will be available for use by visitors to the Park over weekends and evenings when no Herzlia sporting events are taking place at the sports grounds

City of Cape Town

The City has agreed on the terms of a Co-operative Agreement with Friends of Van Riebeeck Park (“Friends”), an association of persons, which allows the making of improvements to the Park.  The Co-operative Agreement will enable the Trust to implement the various phases of the project through Friends while the City remains liable for the maintenance, cleaning and cutting of lawns.


We have also liaised extensively with SanParks regarding the project, as part of the land to be fenced is SanParks managed.  We have received the in-principle approval from SanParks and have recorded the terms of the proposed agreement in a Memorandum of Agreement and currently await their comments.  We are hopeful of finalising this agreement soon.

The Project will commence only once signed agreements are concluded with both the City and SanParks and the necessary funding has been raised.